Commercial and Industrial Projects – Q1 2021

February 8, 2021

A summary of some of the other commercial industrial projects completed, underway or beginning soon:

Jefferson State Community College – Pinson, AL
We removed the existing Gasboy pump and Keytrol fuel management system, replacing it with a Gasboy Atlas Prime. The Atlas Prime combines a fueling and fuel management into one unit. This is the first Atlas Prime our service team has installed and we believe it is the first one installed in Central Alabama. We also upgraded JSCC’s fleet management software to the Gasboy Fleet Head Office software.

LaCoosa Marina – Shelby, AL
We installed a new 3,000-gallon above-ground storage tank with a new Gasboy Atlas dispenser and Gasboy Islander Prime for marine fueling. We gave the customer the ability to fuel from the water or the land. LaCoosa Marina is now one of the few marinas on the Coosa River capable of offering 24-hour fueling.

North River Yacht Club – Tuscaloosa, AL
We removed their existing pump and replaced it with a Gilbarco Legacy pumping unit. Our team also upgraded their pump containment and brought their system into compliance with today’s marine standards.

Graves Oil – Thaxton, MS
OEC has begun a fuel installation project for Graves Oil in Thaxton, Mississippi. OEC will furnish and install a 20,000 gallon above ground tank featuring three compartments to store fuel products of E-10, premium and diesel. OEC will also install 3 dispensers for Grave Oil under an Exxon branded canopy along with fiberglass sumps, piping, fittings and parts. The project is expected to be complete soon.

Dickerson Petroleum – Kosciusko, MS
OEC has begun construction of a fuel installation for Dickerson Petro’s new Kangaroo Crossing store in Kosciusko, Mississippi. OEC will install two ACT 100 True double wall underground fuel storage tanks and nine Gilbarco Encore 700 dispensers providing E-10, plus, premium, diesel and conventional regular gasoline. Everything will be connected with new fiberglass piping, sumps, parts and fittings, including Veeder-Root’s Red Armor® STP, a submersible turbine pump built to last in the harshest corrosive environments.

Dickerson Petroleum – Kosciusko, MS

Upcoming Projects

Lumpkin Development – Calera, AL
We are swapping their existing dispenser with a new Gasboy Atlas dispenser. They will also get a Fuelmaster pedestal for their fuel management. They are also the first customer to utilize the Fuelmaster cloud hosted solution FM Live. Cloud hosted management is the way of the future and we are excited to bring this option to them.

Weil Wrecker – Birmingham, AL
We will replace their existing fuel pumps with Gasboy Atlas Primes. They are also utilizing the EKOS cloud hosted software that will allow them to track their fuel consumption on-site and off-site.

Century Construction – Iuka, MS
As part of a larger project we will almost completely rebuild the marine fueling structure at JP Coleman State Park. The tank and submersible turbine pump will be the only original parts to remain. We will install new Bravo fuel pipe and transition sump, a new Gasboy Atlas retail dispenser and a Gasboy Islander Prime for credit card transactions.

Woods Surfside Marina – Cropwell, AL
We are installing a Fuelmaster pedestal capable of processing credit cards on the dock. The customer is also considering upgrading their existing mechanical dispenser to a new electronic Gilbarco Legacy dispenser.

Duncan Bridge Marina – Arley, AL
We are removing the client’s 3 current pumps and replacing them with 3 new Gilbarco Legacy pumps. We are also installing a Fuelmaster pedestal capable of giving the client 24-hour fueling at the dock.

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