Commercial and Industrial Projects – Q2 and Q3 2022

September 9, 2022

A summary of some of the other commercial industrial projects completed, underway or beginning soon.

Tuscaloosa County Schools – Tuscaloosa, AL
OEC is wrapping up work to install four new above-ground Hall Tanks with new Gasboy dispensers, Fuelmaster upgrades and TankScan cellular tank monitors. We also closed in-place underground storage tanks at their Vance, Brookwood, Hillcrest and Northport locations.

Madison County Water Department – Madison, AL
In the next few weeks OEC will be furnishing the Madison County Water Department with a new fueling station. We will be installing a 20,000-gallon double wall Newberry Tanks Fireguard above ground storage tank for on-road diesel and gasoline. The site will also get two new Gasboy dispensers and a TLS450 Veeder Root tank monitoring system. A 500-gallon Blue1 DEF tank will be installed as well.

Autauga County Schools – Prattville, AL
A 12,000-gallon double wall Newberry Tank will be installed to expand the fueling capabilities of the ever growing school system in Prattville. We will be also installing a Gasboy dispenser, Red Jacket Submersible and a TankScan monitor, as well as a two-column fuel canopy. This tank is scheduled to be finished in late October 2022.

Tuscaloosa County Road Department – Tuscaloosa, AL
OEC was recently awarded two projects with the Tuscaloosa County Road Department. One will be at their Camp Coker location where we will close in-place their existing 8,000-gallon tank. The plans call for two new 8,000-gallon underground storage tanks for on-road diesel and gasoline to be installed along with a new 2,000-gallon storage tank for DEF. Three new Gasboy dispensers will be installed for each product along with a Veeder Root TLS4 monitoring system. The canopy we will be installing will also include four Cree canopy lights. This is a fantastic project we look forward to starting in the spring of 2023.
The other project for the Tuscaloosa County Road Department will be at their Camp Samantha site. This site is primarily used by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department. A new 8,000-gallon above ground double wall tank be installed for gasoline. A new Gasboy dispenser will be utilized for fuel dispensing. This site will also get a fuel canopy with two Cree canopy lights. We anticipate this project starting this winter.

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