Commercial and Industrial Projects – Q4 2022

December 15, 2022

A summary of some of the other commercial industrial projects completed, underway or beginning soon.

Autauga County Bus Shop – Prattville, AL
OEC is nearly finished with this project. The tank is set, the piping is complete and the canopy columns are installed. We will install the dispenser when it arrives in December and the canopy will finish soon thereafter.

Madison County Water Department – Madison, AL
This project is about to ramp up. A concrete pad was recently poured and the tank will be delivered in the coming days. Once it arrives we will install the fueling equipment. We anticipate this job to wrap up in January.

Madison County Board of Education – Multiple Sites across Madison County, AL
OEC is modernizing the Madison County Board of Education’s fuel management. At 11 different sites across the county we will install Fuelmaster pedestals which will connect to the customer’s existing fuel setups seamlessly. The customer is also taking advantage of the latest cloud-hosted software technology, FMLive. This will allow them to view and monitor fueling transactions in real time as they happen, instead of pen, paper and a mailbox. Upon completion, Madison County Board of Education will be one of the leading school systems in the state when it comes to fuel management.

Hale County (Greensboro, AL) and Autauga County (Prattville, AL) Road Departments
OEC is installing new Gasboy pumps, Fuelmaster Pedestals and Fuelmaster software in both counties. In addition, Hale County will take advantage of FMLive while Autauga County is choosing to go with the network-based Fuelmaster legacy software. Either way, both road departments are bringing their fuel management into the 21st century. We anticipate these projects to complete in the spring of 2023.

City of Moody – Moody, AL
The City of Moody is upgrading their fuel management system. They have purchased a new Gasboy pump and Fuelmaster pedestal. They have chosen the FMLive software. As we are seeing in the industry, they wanted to be able to delineate their fuel usage between the police department, fire department, public works and EMA services. We are excited to get this project underway in the spring of 2023.

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